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Bernard Loffet at 'la confrérie du parquet', credit Cathy Raveneau


Et en français, ça donne quoi ?

Bernard Loffet, accordéon diatoniqueBonjour! My name is Bernard Loffet, diatonic accordion maker and tuner and also musician. My company ARIV is in Caudan, Bretagne.

I mainly play diatonic "button" accordion (sometimes called squeeze box, DBA or melodion) solo for dance music at fest-noz (the folk dance evenings in Brittany, where 100 to 2000 people dance together...). My first solo CD , "Moteur !", came out in July 2005... and the second one "Action !" in 2009, a third one in duet with Yves Leblanc : "En avant-deux !"
I also play "piston" (traditional oboe) and biniou kozh (traditional breton bagpipe) with Diroll (fest-noz).
I played in several sailors songs, French songs and fest-noz bands : Nordet, Capstern and "Long John Silver", chants de marins, with Gaëlle Fourcade in "Anches Hantées", in a duo "Loffet-Runigo", also as an accompanist in French songs for "les Rives", Marie Bontemps, Patrice Edmont...

I also work as a sound engineer, mainly for fest-noz here in Bretagne, also at the "Grand Bal de l'Europe" and "Musicalies en Sologne". I was the soundtech of the group Tan ba'n Ti for several years.
I was an accordion teacher at the music schools of Caudan, Rostrenen and Rédéné, with more than 60 students. I've stopped teaching (not enough time). I only teach for workshops (accordion repairs) and Tabledit workshops now. I have written two books : collections of partitions and tablatures for dances from Brittany and sea shanties

Maïwenn, Enora en concert à Anost
My two daughters, Maïwenn & Enora,
in concert at Anost (Fête de la Vielle, center of France).
Their duo was called "Gwenili"


Bernard Loffet

4, rue commandant Cousteau,
F - 56850 Caudan,
Bretagne - France
Tél : +33
Fax : pas de fax

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My mother, Josette, is céramist.
Visit her pages !

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